The snippets show Officers Richard Gonsalves and Josh McDaniel

the supposed virtues of laminate flooring

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Celine Replica Officers used tear gas “pepper balls” to disperse the crowds, and five people were arrested.The events that led to the fatal confrontation began when officers were dispatched to investigate three emergency calls from Olango’s sister reporting that he was behaving erratically and walking in traffic in a commercial district a few blocks north of El Cajon Valley High School.According to news reports, it took officers 50 minutes to respond to the woman’s requests for aid. Each was recorded alongside a fast food restaurant one by a surveillance camera next to a drive through window, the other by a witness who recorded it on her cellphone.The snippets show Officers Richard Gonsalves and Josh McDaniel approaching Olango Fake Celine, seen striding through a parking area and then pacing back and forth next to a parked pickup truck. Following a brief face off, gunshots sound, and Olango collapses to the pavement.Officials have confirmed that Gonsalves fired his service gun at Olango as McDaniel simultaneously shot him with an electric stun gun.In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, one witness told reporters that Olango had his hands raised when he was fatally wounded, and others said he had been suffering a seizure.Police officials have countered that Olango was uncooperative, repeatedly refused to remove his hand from his pocket Fake Celine Bags, assumed “what appeared to be a shooting stance” and pointed at Gonsalves an object that turned out to be an electronic smoking device.RELATED Protests continue in El Cajon after deadly officer involved shooting”This is as difficult a situation as any officer will ever encounter and is never one we seek,” the chief said this afternoon. Celine Replica

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