“READ MORETeina Pora compensation: Justice Minister Amy Adams

are these the best revenge notes ever

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replica hermes birkin Teina Pora’s confessions underpinned the case against him for the 1992 murder and rape of Susan Burdett. The Crown said there was evidence that independently incriminated Pora and showed he knew Malcolm Rewa who was convicted in 1998 of her rape after he was linked by DNA to the crimes.”His responses to questions are often halting, hesitant, incoherent and sometimes simply bizarre. In all sort of ways the interviews impress as providing graphic confirmation of the diagnosis of FASD Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder].”READ MORETeina Pora compensation: Justice Minister Amy Adams confirms $2.52 million payoutTeina Pora case: Where are they now?”The deficiencies in Mr Pora’s account of events are of such magnitude and importance that, if judged as an eye witness account and not as a confession, his evidence would be dismissed out of hand.”His confessions can only be redeemed if supported by objectively verifiable facts.Aspects that raised doubts about reliability:Pora said he followed Ms Burdett’s car all the way to her home. replica hermes birkin

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