Cedric Claude Rene Rault Verpre

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fake hermes handbags A Frenchman whose attempts to hitchhike out of the West Coast landed him in court says New Zealand should be renamed “Nazi Zealand”.Cedric Claude Rene Rault Verpre, 27, appeared in Greymouth District Court this morning charged with wilful damage after his disastrous four day mission to get out of Punakaiki. Rault Verpre pleaded guilty to damaging road signs.He was ordered to surrender his passport as part of his bail conditions and remanded to appear in Christchurch on Friday.In court https://www.replica-hermes.info, Rault Verpre said he had spent four days on the side of State highway 6 at Punakaiki and no one had bothered to even offer him water.Locals contacted police yesterday alleging Rault Verpre took his frustration out on road signs at Punakaiki.DO YOU HAVE A HITCHHIKING STORY? SEND US AN EMAILThey said he took one out of the ground and threw it in the nearby Punakaiki River and hurled large rocks at another. They also told police he had verbally abused tourists and locals.The owner of the signs, Fulton Hogan, is seeking $3000 reparation Replica Hermes Bag, an amount Rault Verpre is disputing.Cedric Claude Rene Rault Verpre, 27, appeared in Greymouth District Court this morning.Outside court, Rault Verpre said New Zealand should be renamed “Nazi Zealand”.He believed no one wanted to hear his side of the story and that the damaged sign wasn’t even worth $100.Asked how long he had been in this country he replied, “too long way too long and I’ve been to 80 countries”.He did not confirm if he intended hitchhiking to Christchurch following his appearance today or whether he would take a bus to make his court appearance on Friday.Yesterday Replica Hermes Wallet, Senior Sergeant Paul Watson said: “He could have started walking, he would have been in Franz Josef by now.”Where the hitchhiker could have got to in four daysPolice arrested Rault Verpre and took him to Greymouth where he was bailed and his passport confiscated.A staff member from Punakaiki Visitor Centre said yesterday Rault Verpre had been seen around Punakaiki.He was noticeable because of the big black plastic bag he carried and was understood to have slept on Punakaiki Beach.She first saw him on Saturday afternoon when driving home from work fake hermes handbags.

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